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{Asthma Drug Information
There are four major asthma drugs: Bronchodilators, Anti-Inflammatory drugs, Leukotriene blockers and Anti-Ige medications. Once you’ve been diagnosed with asthma, your doctor may prescribe more than one asthma medication to relieve asthma symptoms and control asthma for the long-term

Asthma Treatment - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
We have people who normally get an attack of asthma or who have an allergy of cold, we are here to attend to you if you experience such problems and you are not near your doctor.

Most of the asthma patient know what they should take after getting an attack,if you are not in a position to purchase those drugs or inhalers from the pharmacy, our Kenya Online Pharmacy can do that work for you and deliver the drugs in you convinience place as possible.
People do collapse on the street due to failure of taking there daily doses if on medication and no one to understand them in our busy town and they might end up loosing their life.

Get intouch with us if you feel you can't manage to get to your doctor due to difficulty in breathing and we will purchase what you take and deliver to you,then after feeling better pay a visit to your doctor.

Treatment drugs available in Kenyan Market

Ventolin 4mg tablets and evohaler
Prednisone 5mg
Prednisolone 5mg

Volmax 2mg,4mg
Seretide evohaler
Combivent inhaler
Foracort inhaler
Budecort inhaler
There are others which are not included in our list, feel fre to inquire the availablity.

Other supplements that may have benefit for asthma include:

1.Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10)
2.Lactobacillus acidophilus
3.Lycopene and beta-carotene
4.Vitamin B6

To be delivered your prescription kindly send dosage details or fax or email us
Sms or call on +254 724 77 94 00
Fax/Landline :254 20 2248909
email: info@kenyaonlinepharmacy.com

Asthma Drugs - Information about Asthma Drugs,purchase and delivery in Nairobi Kenya
Kenya Online Chemist

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(also we deliver to all parts in Kenya and East Africa with extra charge)
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